Naked woman is beautiful

Jesus answered them, "Is it not written in your law, 'I said, "You are gods"'? (John 10,34)

Naked woman is goddess

Naked woman is goddess When Camille Paglia burst onto the scene, her iconoclastic views on art, literature, and sexuality were published in Sexual Personae: Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson. Since then Paglia, a professor of humanities at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, has published a second book and become notorious for her controversial views on the roles of men, women, and sex in society. For example, Paglia rankled fellow feminists by asserting that female nudity in the pictures and photographs is an art. And also is art the striptease.

Penthouse thought it would be interesting to take the professor, out on the town to sample New Yorkís best-known strip clubs and comment on what they mean in the arena of sexual politics. A fast-talking Paglia, who maintains that stripping is ďa sacred dance of old origins,Ē was bursting with enthusiasm and theories. In a tour of three Manhattan clubs, she surveyed scenes of writhing women and ogling men with candid observations that were entertaining and often startling.

Because most of my life I was lesbian, I totally understand menís passion for women. Women are beautiful and remote.

Thereís nothing you can do to win their favor. The only thing men want is womenís attention, and in nude dance clubs, they can get it for a moment.

The feminist line is, strippers and topless dancers are degraded, subordinated, and enslaved; they are victims, turned into objects by the display of their anatomy. But women are far from being victims ó women rule; they are in total control.

My almost whole life Iíve been gaga about beautiful women. Thatís why I have this angle on it Ė I can see the way men see. White middle-class feminist rhetoric has been produced by professional women, lawyers, bookworms, and paper pushers who canít stand the fact Ė itís unbearable to them Ė that most men will still turn their heads and gasp when a beautiful women walks into the room and exposes a little Ė body, bust. Itís a white, bourgeois prejudice to find the seductive wiggling of a butt degrading.

Even though Iím one of those supersmart white middle-class women, I donít have this jealousy. Iím strong enough as a woman to say that itís natural for a beautiful young girl walking into a room to capture the attention of all the men and women. Thatís an eternal human principle. Itís not white male hetero-sexism. Itís universal. All people admire youth and beauty. Youth and beauty are divine and worthy of worship. Thatís my theory. Iím saying that people go to strip clubs to see beauty and itís elitist for people who go to museums to look at paintings and statues of beautiful bodies to denigrate strip clubs. These museum goers are staring at beautiful nude bodies for pleasure, and itís supposedly high art. The educated and rich get their kicks in museums. Most people who come to these mid-level or sleaze-level clubs are usually not highly educated literati. Itís perfectly legitimate for them to want to look at beautiful female bodies.

I donít want a culture that says that a woman exposing her breasts is degrading. Thatís white middle-class bullshit. Men are fascinated by womenís sexuality. Thatís why they pay prostitutes. The feminist analysis of prostitution says that men are using money as power over women. Iíd say yes, thatís all that men have. The money is a confession of weakness. They have to buy womenís attention. Itís not a sign of power; itís a sign of weakness.

At Flash Dancers, a middle-of-the-road topless bar, a blonde with slightly sagging breasts is onstage, acrobatically against a fire pole. And young man wearing a flannel shirt, who watches the dancer thrash against the pole. Simultaneously, several feet away, a dark-haired woman wearing a skimpy red bikini inches from the faces of two male customers. Smiling coquettishly, the dancer slides her bikini top aside, exposes her beautiful breasts, and massages her nipples.

Look! The men donít know what to do! The money theyíre stuffing into the dancersí garters is a ritual offering, and the women are wearing their booty around their thighs.

Theyíre displaying dollars as trophies, just as the great women in history Ė the great queens Ė have worn diamonds and emeralds.

The dancers are flirtatious but removed. Even when they approach the men, even when theyíre dancing at the menís tables, there is something removed or detached about them. The men know it. The men value it. The men all know they can never fully penetrate the dancers and their lives.

This is a point I made in Sexual Personae: Feminists are wrong to think that when women expose their breasts Ė or even their genitals in a beaver shot Ė they are totally exposed. No woman is ever totally exposed; you can never fully penetrate her womb, the heart of her sexual nature. Every naked woman weíre seeing tonight is still mysterious. She has her secret.

But men are totally exposed sexually. Their penis and scrotum are externalized and vulnerable. Men have no secrets that theyíre hiding. (Therefore, female striptease is ideal. Male striptease is "not ideal".) A womanís body is ideal created for dancing and nakedness. Naked woman is beautiful and mysterious.

Naked woman is fantastic. Men in strip clubs are completely dazzled. The only time the men feel remotely superior is when theyíre young, 19 or 20 years old, and in a pack. Theyíll come in very giddy, drink a lot, and try to get their spirits up. Even then, if there are six of them, one woman coming over to them totally throws them off. My theory is that beautiful woman rules the universe. Sharon Stone in film "Basic Instinct" was a great example of womanís power. Shows a little body, and it turns the men to jelly.

The idea that exposure of nudity is degrading to women is absolutely nonsense. Itís one of the biggest lies of the feminist establishment. If they would just open their eyes and visit these strip clubs, theyíll find the exact opposite of what theyíve been complaining about. The more a woman takes off her clothes, the more power she has.

The feminists who claim that woman are violated and diminished by this kind of format donít know what theyíre talking about. Current feminist rhetoric has gotten parched and bleached and sanitized and distorted. It doesnít allow for passion, for instinct, for lust, for beauty, for the awesomeness of nature. Itís not sufficient to explain sex. So, bizarrely, the more antiporn that bourgeois feminist rhetoric gets, the more these clubs will arise, because they are fulfilling a deep need.

Strip clubs are temples, women shrines.

What we call striptease Ė that is, erotic dancing. Contemporary strip dancing is in the mainline of this kind of ritual dancing.

Belly dancing (the oldest dance in the world), where you clearly see the sexual undulations of the hips and pelvis, that giving and benefitted womenís health and giving pleasure to men. Thatís exactly the kind of dancing that was denied and hated by radical feminists USA, which has always been opposed to dance.

Even Christianity is not so radical. Christianity (Catholic) wants us to rise above our sexuality, but sexuality is fully recognized. And does not prohibit dancing. Also, Church for many centuries was allowed erotic art Ė nude women in paintings, sculpturesÖ

Belly Dancing is good for women health and is a wonderful celebration of the beauty of the female body.

And also a similar dance is a striptease.

All activation of the female body Ė itís never degrading. Instead, itís filling a hole, the vacuum in our world. Beautiful organic rhythms of the body.

In other, the more something is forced underground, the more intense it gets because it becomes taboo, forbidden. This makes it dangerous and very alluring. So you have these women letting us look at them. The areas of the body theyíre exposing are the ones weíre not allowed to look at.

College women are being trained in womenís studies courses USA to say that when men focus on a womanís breasts and buttocks, they are reducing women to dead parts. This is absolute bullshit. Iím radical on this. Iím militant. I know Iím really extreme, and most women probably canít feel what I feel. I say there is nothing degrading in the exhibit of any naked women form, in whole or in part, if it is voluntary and appropriate place.

Our best women students are being taught that strip clubs lead directly to rape, that there is no space between men going to see this and then attacking women. This is absolute nonsense. The truth is, the minute you have a complex, advanced, urbanized society, throughout history, you get prostitution, stripping. Immediately.

What does that mean? It means that as soon as people cluster together, the reality of sex erupts. What you see in prostitution is the reality of sex. It is not a patriarchal distortion. It is the ultimate physical reality. So a feminist who claims to understand sexuality but cannot deal with topless clubs is no expert. She is a censor. She is a prude.

Stripping is not about sexual freedom; itís about freedom of imagination. Stripping, erotic dancing, is an art form, and striptease Ė the artistic level of the scene in American has increased enormously. Itís obvious that itís a new vocation. Dance itself has gained in stature recently. I think erotic dance, with her sensational dance routines, has helped bolster the pride and self-confidence of these women. They are professionals, and they know they are in control. They arenít apologetic or defensive. These girls know their power.

A curvaceous woman stoops in front of patrons.

Look at those two young men! They donít know what the to do. The girl is dancing right at their table. Sheís flirting with one of them, touching him, flaunting her breast in his face. The men are desperately looking at each other for support. Theyíre embarrassed. She is in total control. Theyíre paying her a tribute. Theyíre offering her money for her momentary attention. They are as abashed as they would be with their mothers.

Thereís nothing humiliating in this for woman. Look, sheís totally self-assured. Heís nervous, insecure. Sheís helping him feel confident. That is part of her skill Ė to make him feel relaxed. He is admiring her. Sheís lifting up her breasts for him to see. He loves it! Heís have a close encounter with beautiful female breasts. I think itís wonderful.

I first became interested in topless dancing when I was teaching at Bennington College. Some of my students were moonlighting as topless dancers. They made a lot of money, but they and their coworkers always drew a very firm line between themselves and prostitutes. Many of the dancers are rightly regard what they do as a profession. They know itís an art form, a craft with demanding skills.

Strip clubs today are far less squalid than the clubs in long ago, many years ago. These women are very secure about themselves. Iím very happy with what Iím seeing here, because I think itís showing a kind of European cosmopolitanism. For more than a century in Paris, there have been all kinds of sophisticated displays of sexuality, such as the shows at the Moulin Rouge. In Europe itís accepted.

I donít want a culture that says a woman exposing her breasts is degrading. Thatís just puritanism. The feminist establishment believes the stripclub scene is chaos, all debauchery and decadence. Itís not Itís as strictly organized as a faculty meeting at Princeton University.

At Stingfellows Pure Platinum, patrons wear suits and can enjoy an expensive full-course dinner while watching gorgeous ďentertainersĒ dance and drop the tops of their full-length gowns. During individual dance routines, the women shed everything but skimpy thong bikinis and invisible patches of latex covering their nipples. When theyíre not performing, the women mingle among their guests as if they were hosting an intimate cocktail party.

Men They want to see beautiful women, this is completely normal. Some women here are in various stages of undress, but others are fully clothed, promenading around in fabulous glittering evening gowns. We are being treated to the full range of womenís sexuality. This is theater, a mesmerizing theater. Thereís an energetic, improvisatory quality. Itís very beautiful. Itís almost as if the women sauntering around were creating their own plays, their own little dramas. Thereís a classy, high-fashion element.

Strip clubs are an art form for the masses USA. Itís the highest paternalistic condescension when people attack and dismiss them. We havenít seen a single man cross the line anywhere tonight. What we have seen is men understanding that women are wonderful beings and worthy of great reverence.

I issue a challenge to all those prudes and puritans who are carrying on from the oh-so-safe precincts of the Ivy League to come to one of these clubs and actually watch the menís behavior. The reality totally contradicts the bullshit feminist ideology. All this entertainment is decent; that is, itís oriented around the supreme fact of woman as goddess.

You can sense the awe in menís attitudes to each of these women as an incarnation of the goddess figure. Iím radically pro-striptease and other erotic dance and nice photos and statues naked women. The dominance of womanís image is not about the subordination and humiliation of woman Ė itís the opposite. Men are led to worship women.

And thatís what strip clubs are about: Not women as victim Ö not woman as slave Ö but woman as goddess. Men then have great respect and admiration for the woman.

† † † ††The end

Translator, adjustment and correction: Mary Taylor


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