Naked woman is beautiful

A Tender Conscience

Simon Peter would have felt unnatural when challenged by God to eat food that he had been brought up to regard as unclean (Acts 10:10-16). Scripture says there are times when our hearts wrongly condemn us, but it adds that God is greater than our consciences (1 John 3:19-20).

Naked woman and not ashamed?

art Do you feel uncomfortable about your husband seeing you unclothed? To wish you could hide your body from the eyes of the person you are one flesh with is usually a needless tragedy. It is almost inevitable that in the course of a normal marriage a wife would at times think her husband is giving negative vibes about her appearance. These instances, however, need to be evaluated in the cool light of reason. It is human nature to take to heart one negative comment from a husband and ignore ten positive ones. It would be a great shame to let this natural tendency towards over-sensitivity lead you to misunderstand how your husband views your body. Don’t permit such a mistake to ruin what should be a beautiful aspect of the heart of your marriage.

There are many surprising reasons for not taking too much notice of negatives. For instance, a husband could delight in one aspect of his wife’s figure, only to find unexpected delights as his wife’s appearance changes.
Maybe you’ve noticed your husband eyeing other women. Many women don’t realize that when a man does this he is yielding to his desire for variety in beauti. It is not the slightest reflection on his wife’s appearance. How long would flesh magazine stay in business if they used only one model? Believe me: if, like most men, he has this weakness he would do it if you were the most stunning woman alive.

It’s hard for the average woman to imagine how beautiful and exciting she is in her husband’s eyes, especially when he is aroused. When locked up with your husband, throw out the window your own critical view of your body. Honor your husband and thrill yourself by focusing on his enjoyment of you. It wouldn’t matter how plain you might be in the eyes of most people, if your husband finds you sexy, that’s all that matters when you are together. At such times, there is every reason for you to consider yourself the sexiest woman alive, because, especially when your husband is aroused, that’s how he sees you. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, so abandon yourself to sheer delight in the fact that when there is just you and your man, you are exquisitely beautiful. Once a woman learns to do this, it not only thrills her husband, it is one of the most deeply moving and beautifully healing experiences a woman can ever have.

Negative feelings about yourself are not of God. Just as you would refuse to accept negative thoughts about God’s son (Jesus), refuse to accept negative thoughts about God’s daughter (you).

Within the sanctity of marriage, you can return to the paradisaical innocence of Adam and Eve who were “naked ... and ... not ashamed (Genesis 2:25).”


Your most glamorous clothes are but rags concealing a priceless treasure. To remove your clothes in the presence of your husband is the unveiling of God’s breathtaking masterpiece. The fact that some women do not feel this way about their bodies is no more surprising than that vast numbers of Christians feel guilty and ashamed, even though through Christ they are pure, holy and perfect in God’s eyes (e.g. 1 Corinthians 1:30; 2 Corinthians 5:21; Philippians 3:9). In both cases, it is nothing but a cruel delusion, a trick of the devil, that we must not let dominate our thinking. We must do all we can to push through powerfully deceptive feelings to live in the truth that will set us free.

I am convinced on the basis of Scripture, that God "commands" the man you marry to find your unveiled body – the real you – so attractive and desirable that the very sight of it makes him drunk with pleasure. The Bible:

... rejoice in the wife of your youth.
... Let her breasts satisfy you at all times;
be exhilarated always with her love. (Proverbs 5:18-19, NASB)

The word here translated exhilarated means to be intoxicated or be driven by passion to the point of foolishness. The word satisfy refers to having taken one’s fill of pleasure, so that the man has not a hint of desire for anything else. This is God’s "command" to the man he gives you.

But also your husband is a nice
Only must You to train yourself to likewise find his body highly desirable. Yes, you may well have to train yourself. So if, for example, you are tempted to regard your man as too hairy, resist that temptation – steadfastly reject the thought – and train yourself to love that hair, delighting in it as much as a starry-eyed mother has ever delighted in her new born babe that some coldly objective people might not regard as beautiful. God longs for you to cooperate with him in finding every part of your husband beautiful; doing it as an expression of your love for God and for the man he has gifted to you.
Example: A mother gave birth to a baby who was thinner than most babies. At first she was taken aback. She so loved the baby God had given her, however, that she soon found herself regarding her baby as perfect and other babies as unnaturally fat. Her next baby was quite plump. She then found herself thinking of other mother’s babies as too skinny to be beautiful. It was love that made all the difference. Love is blind to imperfections. Love intoxicates. It drives a person to find beauty in the object of one’s love.

Some women ashamed for self body. But female body is phenomenal beautiful. Old real story:

A Christian woman shares a secret:

I began to develop breasts long before other girls in my school class. And I hated it. As if growing up were my fault, my mother kept calling me a slut because of my developing figure. And I had so wanted to be a good girl. Over and over my mother kept angrily warning me that breasts make a person the object of unwanted male attention. I so hated my body that rather than dare look at it when undressing, I would close my eyes.

When I was in my teens, God meant so much to me that it was usual for me to spend many hours a night in prayer. When I was fifteen, after one such session of several hours with God, I went to the bathroom and a voice within me that seemed to be God, told me to take off my clothes. I rebuked the voice and spent several minutes commanding demons to leave in Jesus’ name. But the presence remained. “Why are you still here?” I angrily demanded.

“You rightly tell demons to leave, but I am no demon,” came the reply. “I am your God. Please take off your clothes.”

I withdrew to a corner and with not just great reluctance but such fear that I was literally trembling, I slowly removed some of my clothes. “You are beautiful,” God said. It took something like three hours of coaxing and God pronouncing that I was beautiful before I was finally completely naked and looking in a mirror. I had been so effective in shunning my body for so many years that I was astounded to discover that I had pubic hair.

The next time God asked me to take off my clothes, it was easier. I guess it only took me about two and a half hours that time!
I have such freedom that I frequently strip off and lie naked in the privacy of my bedroom... it is very comfortable. In fact, I often pray naked. I can understand how some people might think that disrespectful to my Lord, but the God before whom all things are naked and exposed (Hebrews 4:13) has assured me that he is quite happy with it and loves me feeling comfortable about my naked body.

I am not yet married but I know that God has taught me how natural and beautiful it is to share my God-given body with the man he gives me. I will delight in showing him everything.



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