Woman - God's last and beautiful creation

Elise - French woman, religion: Christian Catholic. She is the author many articles dedicated to personal relationships. Elise examines the prevalent male desire. Through the experiences of others, Elise depicts how the Sexual Female lifestyle can build a bond of intimacy, defuse arguments, relieve stress, transport sex to a higher level and inject excitement into the mundane tasks of life such as household chores...

One feminist says:

Dear Miss Elise, I was very appreciative of the resources it offers. Despite this praise, I wanted to include a criticism I had of your piece "How to unleash your female power". The first time I saw your article it was posted on the females - in. I wrote the following to the editrix some time ago, and I still hold to my criticism:

I enjoy your words a lot and feel that in many ways it captures the essence of female. That's why I was disappointed in Elise "female power..." article. Not only does she reduce submission to the googley eyed love of the pre-reality check honeymooning period, but she spends paragraphs and paragraphs telling woman how to dress to attract a man!

Why does this offend me so? Because the most inspiring Woman is one who carries Herself like a Queen, not one who dresses to attract male attention. A Queen could be wearing overalls and hiking boots (this one is!). Why should any self-respecting. Woman conform to fashion trends in order to 'attract men'? Men will come to me because they will be inspired in my presence. Self-respect is the only way you'll get this kind of attention, and anyway the attention is marginal to the pleasure self-respect brings me as an individual. While Elise is certainly right about some things (You don't have to be skinny but exercise and eat right etc...), these are things that should not be discussed within the context of "ways to catch a man". Those are basic things every Woman should do for Herself. The fact that Elise urges Women to better themselves in the hopes of attracting some googly eyed 'man' - had my head spinning - this article belongs in a 1952 edition of Ladies Home Journal! And don't even get me started on using Christian mythology to justify female! What a disappointment.

Elise - answers:

I appreciate your candor and I understand your point of view and I respect that point of view. Nevertheless, I disagree with your assessment and I whole-heartily stand by my article and my observations on the sexual power of women.

I long ago rejected some of the feminist philosophy and in particular the philosophy that weakened the sexual power of women. Your criticism is based on the philosophy that men should be attracted to the internal characteristics of the female with little regard to the exterior beauty of the female. I agree with you that the real beauty of a woman exists also in her inner nature and only the man who recognizes and appreciates also the inner beauty of a woman can truly worship a woman.

Be that as it may, where this feminist viewpoint falls short is in its understanding of the male nature. A group of women can discuss what a man should be attracted to based on the female point of view but unless women seek to understand the male nature, they will not come to the understanding of the power women have.

love and sexy dress

The fact is Women are beautiful and the female form is a masterpiece. Women have a sexual power and it is that sexual power that renders the male love, devotion and admiration.

Sure, women are intellectually, socially and spiritually and I am never shy to point that out in my writings. However, women are also very sexually and God has packaged the internal beauty of the female inside the outer beauty of the female. The male will always notice the outward beauty prior to the inner beauty and it is the outer beauty and the sexual power that radiates from the female that will initially touch the male nature and capture his attention. It is the beauty of the female that makes men happy and also gives the male his first clue that he is beholding a beautiful divine creation.

My article covered a wide range of topics on how a woman can unleash her female power. Much of it was devoted to the internal power of the female and I discussed a number of ways a woman can improve her self-image and thus develop a confident attitude and aura.

Men will respond to that beautiful aura coming from a woman. Doesn't the way we present ourselves on the outside reflect how we feel about ourselves on the inside? Psychological studies have shown that a person's attire reflects how that person views themselves. This goes for both men and women. The person who takes pride in their outward appearance is demonstrating how they view themselves on the inside.

The feminist philosophy that tells women that they can ignore their outward appearance and tells them that they should not try to look beautiful because that panders to the patriarchy, is not good, in my opinion.

The feminists that tell women that outward beauty is not important are unknowingly in bed with the extremist Islamic system that fears the sexuality of women. Why do they fear it? Because the sexuality of women renders the male gender gentle and stirs the sensitive nature of man. This empowers the female.

If you want to understand the sexual power of women you must view it from the male perspective in order to comprehend the power that women possess. Women can discuss what men should and shouldn't do but unless women understand how men are wired, they will never understand the power they possess as women. The wise woman will use her beauty and sexuality to her advantage and also his. (It is happiness for both, woman and also man.)

The young women of today have recognized this. Today's women are learning how to dress sexual and how to use their female sexual power.


Today, the liberated woman is free to express the many sides of her nature so overalls and jeans have their place but so does the sexy dress. Wearing overalls while hiking in the woods or doing yard work is a wise choice. But if you are going out to dinner in a nice restaurant, you might want to consider dressing up a little. The woman who wears unflattering clothing out in public is hardly portraying the attitude of a woman who views herself as a queen or goddess. I am not referring to you personally but I am trying to challenge the feminist mindset when it comes to the outer beauty of women. Femininity is the combination of both the inner beauty and the outer beauty of the female. Women need not apologize for being beautiful.

My article is designed to encourage women. There is a popular television program amongst young women called "What not to wear". It is a show that teaches women how to dress in order to take advantage of their best features. Each woman is different so each woman should take the time to find out what kind of clothes, colors, hairstyle, make-up, etc will make her look sexy and beautiful. This show is popular because women want to look beautiful. It gives their self-esteem a boost and that aura will come when a woman has that inner self-confidence combined with her female sexual power. Women want to be complimented about their appearance. It is within the human condition for acceptance. Feminist philosophy can try to deny that fact but the fact exists nonetheless.

Again, my article was written to women for the purpose of encouraging women. I received a tremendous amount of feedback from women about that article and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. A lot of women thanked me for my advice as it gave them hope. A lot of women took that advice and some have told me that they have never felt more beautiful or desirable. This has naturally opened the door for them to have a better social life but more important than that, it has helped these women to see themselves as the superior women that they truly are. It is that inner confidence and that positive expectation that has caused them to excel in their careers as well as in their social life.

That brings me to your final criticism and that was where I talked about the biblical interpretation of the origins of the sexes. It is easy to tell women they must reject their religion because it is patriarchate, but that is not an option for many women because they hold their Faith as being something they cannot compromise. No matter what the head may say, the heart and the conscience will not allow a person to walk away from that which they believe. Therefore, I wanted to encourage women to view themselves how I believe the scriptures invite. Namely, that women are God's last and very beautiful creation and that a woman can have a healthy self-image because of her spirituality. I wanted to convey that women are miracles and that they possess the power to conqueror this so-called man's world.

My article covered many different areas of the power of the female. That power is sexual, intellectual, social, and spiritual. Once a woman learns to unleash her female power, nothing will be impossible for her to achieve. I am all about encouraging women. Thank you for your question and even if we never agree on this subject:

(Saint Augustine wrote: The masterpiece of creation is woman and the Woman par excellence is Mary.

And sexuality:

Catholic catechism YOUCAT by Pope Benedict XVI:

400 "What does it mean to say that man is a sexual being?
God created man as male and female. He created them for each other and for love. He created them with erotic desires and the ability to experience physical pleasure.

404 Chastity must not be confused with prudishness.

417 In Christianity, the body, pleasure, and erotic joy enjoy a high status: Christianity believes that matter is good..."

And also the Bible

Women should wearing nice sexy outfits. As flowers also the beauty of the female body is a joy for all people. The Bible:

The Song of Songs:
"Return, return to us, O maid of Shulam. Come back, come back, that we may see you again. Why do you stare at this young woman of Shulam, as she moves so gracefully between two lines of dancers? How beautiful are your sandaled feet, O queenly maiden. Your rounded thighs are like jewels, the work of a skilled craftsman."

Biblical famous woman - Ester. The Bible also give Ester as a good model for women.

Esther goes along with the beauty-contest does everything in her power - uses her sexual beauty - to succeed and become the chosen wife of the king.

And then later she - also uses her sexual beauty and charm to get the King in the right state of mind to hear her plea. Finally, when the time is right, she reveals her Jewish identity, to the King and reminds him that killing the Jews would include killing her as well. The Queen Esther is the hero for the Jewish nation. )

Female Power

Ladies, what are you looking for in your men? A man that would focus his love and his attention on you? A man that would treat you like a princess, queen, goddess?

Unleash Your Female Power
Females have a great power. It is within you and you just need to release it. This power can do wonders for you in life. Not only in your relationship, but also in your social life, in your career, and in every other area of your life.

sexual tigress worship woman

That power is still there within you. - Your sexual power. There is much more sexual power. Begin to use your sexuality! All men will sense your female power and they will either desire to serve you or will have great respect and admiration. Men love and worship sexual women. Especially the European and American men. So let me tell you how to release that sexual Tigress within.

sexual woman First of all, realize that you are a miracle - made by God. Men are also miracles and they are beautiful and valuable creations made by God. However, Women are God's last creations and it is a great privilege. Women are beautiful and sexual. Women are kind, gentle, tender hearted, yet also strong and very very sexual. So begin to see yourself as the beautiful and sexual female that you are. Feel good about yourself and cast off your former low self-image. God does not make junk and losers. God made you to be special and a winner.

sexual tigress

Begin to use your sexuality!
I don't mean to be promiscuous or to flaunt it. What I am talking about is dress sexy and act sexual. Don't dress sleazy, but sophisticated and lady-like. Don't run around in baggy clothes and sweat pants. Your dress reflects your self-image. Wear nice sexy clothes. They don't have to be expensive clothes, but they should be nice. Sexy dress whenever you can, don't forget about your shoes.

Go to a salon and learn which hair style looks best on you. Also, learn how to properly apply the right kind and the right amount of make-up. Learn what shades look best with your hair color and complexion. If you dress sharp and look good, it will give you confidence and that confidence will radiate from you. Also, exercise and eat right. You want to look good and fit. If you need to lose weight, there are many quality weight loss clinics out there that can help. Don't use fad diets or the lose weight fast schemes. Ideal is go to a doctor and lose weight the medically safe way. Also, exercise and tone up.

You don't have to be skinny. However, you don't want to be fat and you do want to be fit. If you are over weight and out of shape, don't feel bad about yourself and don't get discouraged. You can lose the weight. It just takes a quality decision. It will help you to feel so much better about yourself and the better you feel both physically and mentally, the more confident you will be and the more sexual energy that will be radiating from you.

I am talking about walking and talking like the sexual and the confident woman that you are.

Now as you make these slight adjustments to yourself and your self-image, also allow that sexual nature to flow out of you. Be sexual and bold. Expect good things to happen and they will.

God did create women to be sexual and beautiful but it wasn’t because God got distracted. God wanted women to be sexual and beautiful and God wanted man to be captured by the beauty of woman. (As we plainly see in Bible - Prov 5: 18-19)

Good luck


Translator, adjustment and correction: Mary Taylor  

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